Rev Nasir Iqbal (Founder) TV Interviews

Rev Nasir Iqbal (Founder) TV Interviews

This chilling story of a robbery that soon went wrong turns into a Healing testimony of God’s love for us. Listen as Rev. Nasir recounts his story of being visited by Jesus while in a coma. Nasir was told by Jesus that he needed to be born again. After praying with the hospital chaplin Nasir received Christ into his heart…the beginning of healing and a life long walk with God.

Listen as Rev. Nasir shares with Paul Crouch of TBN.

Rev. Nasir recounts his story of being robbed, injured and near death and of the miraculous healing that happened at the hands of Jesus.

Wow!! Rev. Nasir tells how the worst day in his life became the best day of his life.

Rev. Nasir continues with his story of how he was robbed, in a coma, and then Jesus appeared to him while in the hospital. After praying to Jesus, “Lord, kill me or heal me” things began to happen for Rev. Nasir. Currently, he has created Hope in Christ Ministries,Intl. In addition to holding Hope & Healing services in the Inland Empire Rev. Nasir is also now using Skype technology to hold Interactive healing services in India!